Jill is a caring and experienced Psychologist, focused on empowering women to experience wholeness, healing and growth at all stages of life.

Would you like to:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and let go of old unhelpful patterns?
  • Increase your self-esteem, confidence and self-worth?
  • Heal and calm your emotions and let go of feelings of anxiety, depression, stress and past trauma?
  • Learn to quiet and calm your mind?
  • Make positive changes that bring you a greater sense of balance, happiness and well-being?
  • Learn empowering ways to manage and overcome challenges?
  • Gain a sense of clarity and direction for your life?
  • Develop a stronger connection to your intuition and authentic self?

Jill McAlister is a highly experienced Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist and specialises in providing counselling, psychotherapy and self-development to women with a range of life, career and psychological challenges, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem / confidence
  • Trauma (PTSD and childhood)
  • Adjustment to motherhood difficulties
  • Pre and postnatal depression and anxiety
  • Fertility problems
  • Insomnia
  • Health issues or chronic pain
  • Grief and loss
  • Work stress / career transition
  • Relationship difficulties or separation
  • Life transitions

Jill McAlister is an experienced Clinical Psychologist, with extensive training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-Based approaches, therapies for trauma resolution and to promote emotional regulation, such as EMDR and EFT, Attachment-based Therapies and Transpersonal Psychology. Jill's approach is integrative and holistic and aims to facilitate self-awareness, healing, growth, inner transformation and behavioural change.

Jill is available for counselling and self-development appointments at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast and for telehealth video conferencing.  Appointments can be claimed through Medicare and Private Health Funds.   

​​Contact Jill

Please contact Jill if you have any questions, or if you would like to make an appointment.

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