Discover Your Inner Goddess Program

This is a transformational course for women focused on self-healing and self-empowerment.  Knowledge of Goddess archetypes can help women to understand themselves and their relationships, gain an insight into what motivates them and their potential. Consciously activating Goddess archetypes can help women to reclaim their true identity, personal power and freedom.

In this course we explore a variety of Goddess archetypes as a way of tapping into the power of the Divine Feminine, to assist you in connecting with more of your potential and empowering you as a woman. During the course we will explore Goddess mythology, complete guided meditations and creative exercises to assist in activating these Goddess archetypes.  We will also explore techniques for self-healing to support you in removing the blocks to your feminine power.

In this course you will:
  • Explore different Goddess archetypes and understand how can they help you as a woman
  • Experience a series of meditations and creative exercises to help you connect with different Goddess energies
  • Explore your personal Goddess archetypal pattern, ie. those Goddesses that have special significance for you
  • Learn about what disconnects you from your feminine power - learn about the inner patriarch that holds you back
  • Identify and change sabotage patterns, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions
  • Develop greater self-love, self-acceptance and a more positive self-image
  • Learn techniques for self-healing and growth, including Emotional Freedom Technique, healing visualisations, journalling techniques and creative expression

This program can be completed by Skype or in person.  It consists of 6 weekly one-hour sessions.
Cost: $900 + GST.  The cost is reduced for groups.

Contact Jill

Please contact Jill if you have any questions, or if you would like to book the program.

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This symbol is a representation of the Egyptian Goddess Isis who symbolises healing, wholeness, wisdom and fulfilling our personal destiny.